Our Short History

How we’ve started our cosy restaurant.

Dearest guests,

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia, and one with great variety in culture, nature, temperature and last but not least: cuisine. Vietnamese food is still relatively unfamiliar in the Netherlands; many people believe it to be the same as Chinese and/or Indonesian food. Everybody knows about Vietnamese spring rolls and bah-pau.

However, there are so many little known Vietnamese dishes that are definitely worth trying. The use of fresh vegetables and spices is characteristic of Vietnamese kitchens, and the result is a diverse array of flavours.

A true Vietnamese specialty is ‘Pho’: a traditional soup consisting of noodles, meat, and a lot of fresh vegetables. ‘Pho’ is commonly served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We offer our diners ‘Pho’ in a variety of flavours, and we have carefully and thoughtfully selected each flavour for our guests.

Another characteristic of Vietnamese cuisine is that it isn’t as spicy as Chinese and Indonesian food, nor is there as much fat and/or sugar. We distinguish ourselves from other Asian kitchens by using many fresh raw (leafy) vegetables and spices in our dishes.

Food is our passion

We only work with fresh products
De Smaak van Vietnam’ (‘The Taste of Vietnam’) is a restaurant that stays close to its roots, staying away from Western influences and keeping to the Vietnamese tradition of fresh ingredients and lots of vegetables.

These ingredients are then of course prepared in vegetable oil.
We invite you to dine with us and enjoy a deliciously fresh and healthy meal, as we will happily serve these up to you!

Team – The Taste of Vietnam